Counsellor 輔導師/輔導員
KOT Sze-hang, Ada

Service Hours 服務時間
Monday to Saturday 10:00a.m. to 09:00p.m. 逢星期一至六早上10:00至晚上09:00

Location 服務地點
Counselling room located at Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon  or Tin Lok Lane, Wanchai, Hong Kong Island
九龍尖沙咀山林道 或 香港島灣仔天樂里 租借輔導室

Video Service 視像服務
The platform we use is Doxy.me, a video platform that is end to end encrypted. That means, Dosy.me does not store your health information. Your information and online privacy is protected. Nearing your appointment time, I will send you a link. All you need to do is clicking into the link. There is no need for any download. However, to protect your own privacy and confidentiality, please make sure you have a private space for the online session, an access to a secure password protected Wifi and use of a headphone.

Text Counselling Service 文字輔導服務
The platform we use is Signal, a text, phone or video call platform that is end to end encrypted. That means, Signal does not store our conversation. Our conversation and online privacy is protected. You need to download and install the Apps, and set-up with your smart mobile phone number. You may also want to access the conversation via Signal for Desktop by download and install it on your computer. This is a safe space for you to express yourself, please make sure you have a quiet and private space for reading and writing the text, and password protected your mobile and desktop.
文字輔導服務使用的平台是Signal。這是一個點對點加密的文字、電話、視像通訊平台,不儲存對話。我們的對話和在線私隱受到保護。你只需要下載及安裝軟件在你的智能電話,以你的手提電話號碼設定登入。此外,你也可以在電腦下戴Signal for Desktop登入使用。這是一個安全的空間讓你表達自己,為了保護你的私隱,請確保您身處在一個適合閱讀和寫文字的空間,例如一個安靜場地。此外,亦請使用安全密碼保護的手提電話和電腦。

Language 服務語言
Cantonese, Mandarin, English 廣東話,普通話,英語

Service fee 收費

In-person 親身面談
  • /60 mins/session
  • /60分鐘/節
Video 視像面談
  • /60 mins/session
  • /60分鐘/節
Text Counselling 文字輔導
  • answering 2-3 times/day/week(5day)
  • 2-3次回覆/天/週(5天)

Free preliminary video or telephone consultation for 20 minutes.
A deposit of HKD 300 will be charged for each appointment.
*Text counselling service users will enjoy 5% off discount for in-person or video counselling services.
**Limited quota on discount will be available for person experiencing financial hardship.

Payment 付款方式
Payme, FPS, cash and cheque are accepted.
接受Payme, 轉數快, 現金或支票付款。

Late Arrival 遲到
Should you arrive late to your appointment, your session will still end at the scheduled time.

Cancellation Policy 取消政策
If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not notified us at least 48 hours in advance, you will be required to pay at least 50% for a cancellation fee.

Confidentiality & Privacy Policy 保密原則及政策
Notes will be taken during the session for the purpose of using your own word in your stories; sometimes, drawings or emails will also be formats of communications. All record will be kept confidential, electronic file will be password protected, and cannot be disclosed without consent. Also, identity of counselee and information of counselling cannot be disclosed without consent. Exceptions include:
– If a counselee intended to harm himself / herself, or another person/s, or
– counsellor is called to give evidence by court.
– 接受輔導者所提及的內容危害到本人或他人安全,或;
– 輔導師/輔導員為法庭傳召作供。

Contact 聯絡
Email 電郵:adakot.counsellor@gmail.com
Enquiry 查詢:+852 67571947
Whatsapp: +852 67571947(By appointment只限預約,請掃QR-Code預約20分鐘初步接洽)

diagnosis disclaimer*
* A diagnosis does not define who a person is. It is simply a description of a cluster of behaviours and symptoms, but does not explain how they came to be.  It is a shorthand method of communication among clinicians and should never be used as an indication of an individual’s worth.
* 診斷並不定義一個人是誰。它只是對一系列的行為和症狀的描述,但沒有解釋其成因。診斷只是臨床醫護人員之間簡便溝通的方法,而絕不能用作反映一個人的價值
Non-discrimination and non-harassment Statement*
* People are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, color, religion and religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability, medical condition (including pregnancy), age, marital status, family status citizenship status, political affiliation, or on any other basis or characteristic.  I expect reciprocal treatment be afforded to me, my companions and business partners.
* 所有人,不論其族裔、種族、國籍、血統、膚色、宗教及信仰、性別、性傾向、性別認同或表現、身體及精神殘障、醫學狀況(包括懷孕)、年齡、婚姻狀況、家庭狀況、公民身份、政治傾向、或任何其他原因,均受到尊重和享有尊嚴。我亦期望各位給予我和我的伙伴同等的對待。